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Clevis Assemblies

Clevis Assemblies or Tie Rod assemblies are threaded rod configurations that utilize both right and left hand threads to allow for easy adjustment and tensioning.  Tie Rod assemblies are often used on canopies, pipe supports, and other structural steel cross bracing applications.  They can also be used to increase the seismic integrity of an existing structure.

Clevises are attached to structural steel plate, or fabricated lugs using a pin connection.  This type of connection ensures a straight and rigid connection that is not susceptible to bending forces.  Tie Rod assemblies are attached to the clevises.

Small length adjustments can be obtained by pairing left & right hand threaded Clevises together with a single rod.  Greater length adjustments can be achieved by combining two clevises with one or more turnbuckles and multiple rods.  Turnbuckles may be centered or offset in the tie rod assembly, determined primarily by access to the turnbuckle for adjustments.    Sleeve nuts may also be used in place of turnbuckles for high strength applications.  Coupling nuts should be considered when extreme lengths are required.

Typically, A36 round bar is used in rod assemblies.  However, other grades of material are available for higher strength or corrosion resistant applications, including ASTM A193 B7, A449, and more.  Clevises from A&M Nut & Bolt are available in ASTM A668, C1035, C1045, Stainless Steel, and other high strength materials upon request.  Turnbuckles are provided in C1030, C1035, C1045, Stainless Steel, and other high strength materials upon request.  Sleeve nuts & Coupling nuts can be provided as ASTM A563 Grade A, A194 Grade 2H, and more.

All components of A&M Nut & Bolt Tie Rod and Clevis assemblies are manufactured to meet the dimensional and load ratings in accordance to the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Manual of Steel Construction.

Let A&M Nut & Bolt’s experienced staff assist in configuring and ordering your next Tie Rod/Clevis Assembly.


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